Lighting has always played an important role in the safety and security of our public places. By utilizing the latest LED technology, Lumecon is able to successfully illuminate the general area while lowering the overall energy consumption.


LAL-SB Image

LAL-SB Area Light

Our shoebox style fixture is an obvious industry leader for parking lot projects. The LAL-SB is avai...
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LF-LG Slide 1

LF-LG Large Area Flood Light

Known as the “workhorse” of the Lumecon floods. The LF-LG is available in two wattage versions. ...
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LF-MD Image

LF-MD Medium Flood Light

Big things come in small packages. Perfect for lighting monument signs or general landscaping, the L...
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LWP-FC Slide 1

LWP-FC Full Cut-Off

Simple, sleek, and dependable. Less is more with this Dark Skies compliant, full cut-off wall pack. ...
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LWP-FT Slide

LWP-FT Forward Throw

Lumecon's utility workhorse. The LWP-FT is ideal for distributing light in an outward direction. Cho...
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LWP-FT-120 2

LWP-FT-120 Forward Throw

The LWP-FT-120 wall pack takes over where the standard LWP-FT left off. Increased light output makes...
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LWP-LA Slide 1

LWP-LA Large Adjustable

The LWP-LA picks up where the Small Adjustable leaves off. Rugged and ready for the hard jobs where ...
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LWP-SA Slide 1

LWP-SA Small Adjustable

This adjustable wall pack can be set for Dark Skies, or tilt adjusted for increased distribution. Th...
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