SCOPE: HPS Decorative and flood fixtures converted to Lumecon’s LED line-up and retrofit

DESCRIPTION: The Detroit Zoo underwent a re-haul on their campus lighting in 2014 by taking part in the DTE Energy E-Challenge Competition hosted by NextEnergy and The Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD). Lumecon was selected as the manufacture of choice due to its reliable product line-up and creative retrofit solutions. Lumecon demonstrated several of its fixtures throughout the Zoo, most noticeably the LROF fixtures lighting up the pedestrian walkway and the LED flood lights illuminating the landmark water tower. All of the fixtures are equipped with cloud-based wireless dimming controls which can be controlled remotely using a PC or mobile device. In addition to the cloud-based system, the Zoo is able to program the pedestrian lights to raise and dim depending on peak and non-peak hours, and the water tower to perform flashing or sequencing for special events.
The Great Apes interior habitat presented a unique challenge for Lumecon to create a solution – how to replicate a typical day outside for the animals. By alternating warm, neutral, and cool white LED’s Lumecon was able to retrofit a solution that would allow sleeping chimpanzees, gorillas, and drills to awaken to a dim glow, romp through the day in bright light and ease into evenings as the light leisurely slips away. This effect creates an extraordinary lighting experience for the Great Apes of Harambee that is now used in the Tiger’s interior habitat.

RESULTS: The Detroit Zoo has installed over 80 decorative Ring of Fire globes as well as numerous flood fixtures to illuminate key signage around the park. Combined with the retrofit daylight simulation, the Detroit Zoo sets a precedent for LED standards other Zoo’s will no doubt look to when faced with similar projects.


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