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    General Area Lighting

    Lighting has always played an important role in the safety and security of our public places. By utilizing the latest LED technology, Lumecon is able to successfully illuminate the general area while lowering the overall energy consumption.

      Walkway Lighting

      Walkway lighting provides reliable, uniform illumination for building entries which enhance the overall appeal to an area. Lumecon offers a selection of bollards that are able to conform to project specific requirements in an effective lighting approach.

        Campus Lighting

        Aesthetics and security are at the forefront of campus lighting decisions. Recognizing this is why Lumecon offers their decorative fixtures to satisfy both sets of requirements. We have had countless success stories highlighting our expertise in the campus lighting market, which ultimately leads to lower wattage consumption and increased energy efficiency for the end-user.

          Downtown Decorative Lighting

          Downtown lighting installations bring the visual experience of a city’s Main Street to the next level. Keeping uniformity and distribution in constant consideration, Lumecon offers three distinct fixture options to give your downtown the exact aesthetic you require.

            Stairwell Lighting

            Stairwell lighting is an imperative consideration due to the safety and security reasons that surround it. A well-lit stairwell will promote pedestrian friendly usage, which is where the Lumecon canopy comes into play. The canopy line is able to be mounted with relative ease and quickness making it a go-to fixture for stairwell projects.

              Parking Garage Lighting

              Careful planning is required when illuminating parking garages to ensure industry standards are being met. Lumecon’s extensive testing on our canopy fixtures allows us to make recommendations that will inevitably result in a successful lighting solution. Like make of the Lumecon fixtures, mounting attachments are located on the top of the fixture, which allows for a quick and efficient install.

                Parking Lot Lighting

                Parking lot installations require a thorough understanding of legislation and lighting requirements. Rest assured we have done our homework here at Lumecon and introduce fixtures that will not only provide adequate lighting for your parking area, but will do so in a responsible manner. Lumecon has tested every LED solution extensively, which results in a cost-effective and efficient approach to lighting.

                  Building Accent Lighting

                  Accent lighting is critical for setting the mood when designing a building, or a place. Recognizing the need for flexible solutions, Lumecon has released a line of fixtures that are adaptable to your needs. Whether your application requires wall washing, or accent lighting you will be able to find the perfect solution in our LED line-up.

                    Sign Lighting

                    Distribution is essential in sign lighting applications. Whether you are illuminating a monument sign or a business name, adequate light distribution is needed to avoid “hot spots.” Lumecon chooses from the highest quality lensing and optic packages to ensure appropriate illumination for a successful install.

                      Flag Pole Lighting

                      With flag pole lighting, it is crucial to direct light to where it is needed most (the flag). With the large flood line-up, Lumecon is able to provide a flag lighting solution with a reliant, energy efficient fixture. When more direct light is required, try the optics package which helps concentrate the light for a more direct distribution pattern.