Aesthetics and security are at the forefront of entrance illumination decisions. Recognizing this is why Lumecon offers multiple fixtures that fit both sets of requirements. Installing one of the dependable lower watt wall packs will give the consumer peace of mind knowing they are responsibly illuminating their entrance, but at a fraction of traditional HID fixture costs.


LFS-SAL Small Wall Pack

The LFS-SAL small wall pack is the first of its kind in Lumecon’s LED Fire Series. Combining a sle...
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LWP-DOC Wall Pack

The LWP-DOC wall pack was specifically designed to be a vandal resistant alternative when an added l...
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LWP-FC Full Cutoff

Simple, sleek, and dependable. Less is more with this Dark Skies compliant, full cutoff wall pack. T...
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LWP-FC-MN Wall Pack

The only thing “Mini” about this fixture is its name. As the compac...
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LWP-FT2 Forward Throw

Lumecon's utility workhorse. The LWP-FT2 is ideal for distributing light in an outward direction. Th...
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LWP-MN Wall Pack

Plug it in, and forget it. The LWP-MN delivers both safety and security making it the ideal fixture ...
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