Distribution is essential in sign lighting applications. Whether you are illuminating a monument sign or a business name, adequate light distribution is needed to avoid “hot spots.” Lumecon chooses from the highest quality lensing and optic packages to ensure appropriate illumination for a successful install.


LF-LG Large Area Flood Light

Known as the “workhorse” of the Lumecon floods. The LF-LG is available in two wattage versions. ...
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LF-MD Medium Flood Light

Big things come in small packages. Perfect for lighting monument signs or general landscaping, the L...
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LF-RB Sign & Flood Light

Not your everyday round back flood fixture. This multipurpose flood comes standard with an adjustabl...
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LDS-LFL Large Flood Light

The LDS-LFL large flood light is the first of its kind in Lumecon’s LED Detroit Series. Combining ...
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