LOCATION: Belvidere Central Middle School, Belvidere, IL / City of Chicago Public School District #100

Website: https://www.district100.com/bcms-home

SCOPE: Replace existing 400w HID / metal halide (delivering approx. 14-21 FC’s in various areas) with Lumecon LED Circular High Bays One for One / LHB-140w with acrylic reflector and conical lens for concealing glare / uniform distribution. LED FC’s were recorded an average of 22-26 FC’s across the floor.

DESCRIPTION: Interior gymnasium conversion of (24) existing 400w HID fixtures; energy savings of nearly 70% per fixture location; energy rebates offset nearly 45% of the material cost of the project; ROI for conversion targeted under (20) months from date of completion. School conversion for the gymnasium was completed within a week during summer break. The improved light levels not only benefit the recreational programs of the school, but also the large general assemblies held at the school; with a much quieter listening experience now that the failing HID ballasts are gone!