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Campus Lighting: Morton College

/Campus Lighting: Morton College

Campus Lighting: Morton College


SCOPE: 175W Metal Halide Decorative Globes converted to Lumecon’s Ring of Fire Fixture

DESCRIPTION: Morton College first opened its doors to instructors and students in 1924 and is the second oldest community college in the state of Illinois. Dedicated to academic excellence, the College’s curriculum and mission has expanded to include career, community, continuing and adult education programs. With the increase in enrollment due to the expansion of program offerings, the need for campus security became a top priority for the College. Morton College made the decision to address their campus lighting in an effort to help increase security and turned to Lumecon for assistance. With guidance from the Lumecon’s engineering group, the choice was made to convert the existing 175W Metal Halide fixtures to the Ring of Fire Fixture.

RESULTS: Morton College addressed the issue of security by installed 86 decorative Ring of Fire fixtures throughout their campus. The 60W LED solution takes the place of degraded 175W Metal Halide globes to not only help with security, but overall energy consumption.


LDS-ROF Ring of Fire

LOCATION: Cicero...
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