SCOPE: 175W Metal Halide Decorative Globes converted to Lumecon’s Ring of Fire Fixture

DESCRIPTION: The City in Pontiac recently underwent a LED lighting conversion for their decorative fixtures in the downtown district. The city had been planning on upgrading their existing 175W Metal Halide fixtures for some time and when they explored the ROI of the Lumecon Ring of Fire, the decision became that much easier. The type five optic package combined with Lumecon’s ability to match the City of Pontiac’s hunter green color requirement proved to be a winning combination. Lumecon was proud to partner with the City of Pontiac to help bring a successful solution to their $2 million reconstruction project of Baldwin Avenue.

RESULTS: The City of Pontiac installed 120 hunter green Lumecon Ring of Fire fixtures around their downtown district. The type 5 distribution provided sufficient light to help illuminate the surrounding façades of the business store fronts as well as providing adequate pedestrian lighting along the streets and sidewalks.


LDS-ROF Ring of Fire

LOCATION: Pontia...
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