LOCATION: Lexington, MI

SCOPE: 70W High Pressure Sodium Decorative Lamps converted to a LED Retrofit Solution.

DESCRIPTION: The Village of Lexington, located on the shore of Lake Huron, is home to more than 80 decorative post top fixtures throughout downtown that were utilizing 70W high pressure sodium lamps.  While they did not use a lot of electricity, the orange light from the lamps did a poor job of illuminating the streets and sidewalks of this bustling tourist town.  The fixtures themselves were very unique and ornate, having originally been designed to adorn New York City’s Central Park, so the Lexington Downtown Development Authority wanted to keep their existing fixtures yet somehow convert them to LED.  The village experimented with screw-in LED lamps, and although cost effective, they found that the light distribution was inadequate and the quality questionable. Lumecon designed an LED retrofit kit for the existing fixtures, which consisted of properly-aimed LEDs that provided light only where it was needed – on the streets and sidewalks.

RESULTS: Lumecon provided a LED Retrofit kit which included a pleasing 3000K warm white 40W LED kit that met the village’s requirements for energy savings, illumination, and quality.



LOCATION: Lexing...
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