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Lumecon’s Circular High Bay

Lumecon’s unique circular high bay design makes this fixture an energy saving solution for indoor industrial and commercial applications (gymnasiums, warehouse / storage areas, and grocery stores).

Lumecon’s Ring of Fire

The Lumecon LROF decorative post-top fixture utilizes our patented thermal integrated trim ring to maximize heat dissipation. Available in multiple wattage versions, each model delivers superior lumen output to illuminate your next Main Street project.

Detroit Series Area Light Assembly

Watch along as we assemble the Detroit Series Area light from start to finish.

Webinar Library

Lumecon LWS-VTW4

The LWS-VTW4 High Bay fixture is designed specifically to deliver superior illumination performance for vapor-tight demanding environments where moisture or dust is a concern.

Lumecon Poles

Lumecon offers a wide variety of steel, aluminum and aluminum fluted poles plus accessories.


The L-RETRO-DG LED Decorative Globe kit offers service professionals an economic, easy to install solution to safely upgrade HID luminaires to LED.

Retrofit Process

Let’s talk about the Lumecon Retrofit Process. This webinar gives you a step-by-step instructions on how to successfully integrate LED technology for any application.

Photometry 101

An informative webinar discussing lighting layouts and recommended practices for lighting standards.


The LDS-FT and LDS-FT-MN offers a bold, rugged Detroit inspired design that performs efficiently and reliably in any outdoor environment.

Voltage & Surge Suppression

We discuss the causes and ways to protect LED fixtures against Surge & Power Irregularity.

LED 101

LED 101 takes a deep dive into how LEDs actually work, comparing types of LEDs plus thermal management and lifespan.


Lumecon Webinar Series continues with a Q&A about the state of LED Lighting Technology with select industry experts!


Back by popular demand,  a Q&A about the state of LED Lighting Technology with select industry experts. Join us as we discuss and answer questions regarding the latest in LED news and technology.

LED Optics 101

Lumecon Webinar Series continues with a breakdown of LED optics with Joel Robinson of ALP Lexalite International.

Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection

Is GUV the Answer? Discussion includes GUV, photobiological basics, carcinogenicity risk, UV-C lamp sources, relevant research, and much more.

Municipal Decorative

Take a look at Lumecon’s Municipal Decorative offerings, new for 2020-21. We will discuss our new fleet of options: both traditional and progressive in architectural style and applications for Municipalities across the United States.

New Product Updates 7.2020

We introduce two brand new products and an exciting update to our existing Detroit Series. This webinar will include Lumecon Workmen Series Parking Garage Fixture, Architectural Full Cutoff Post Top, and new higher wattages available for the Lumecon Detroit Series Forward Throw Mini.

LDS Area Light

Lumecon is proud to announce the release of its new Detroit Series Area Lights. This webinar will cover the inception, design, build, photometry and options associated with the new Detroit Series Area Light.

LDS Launch

The official launch of Lumecon’s exclusive Detroit Series is finally here! We talk about the inspiration and design plus the features of each product.