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Canopy lighting helps to illuminate areas directly beneath the fixture to provide for safe pedestrian and vehicular traffic movement. Our canopy lineup is offered in various wattage outputs to cater to project specific requirements, illuminating jobs ranging from stairwells to multi-level garages.

    LC-LG Soffit Mount

    The LC-LG soffit mount pan kit is available in three outputs and is a direct replacement for 100W – 250W HID fixtures one-for-one. With a standard shallow lens, this fixture is an ideal solution for low profile installations such as stairwell, passageway, security light and soffit mount retrofit applications.

      LC-SM Small Stairwell / Passageway

      Let there be light. With a standard polycarbonate lens built onto every fixture, this small canopy is perfect for stairwell, passageway, and security lighting applications where vandal resistance is a must. As with all Lumecon products, the LC-SM carries an industry leading 10 year/ L70 Performance Based Warranty.

        LC-LG Large Stairwell / Passageway

        Make your canopy light work for you. The LC-LG is a mix of performance and value by being offered in three output varieties. Multiple lensing and housing options provide the flexibility needed for your next lighting project. As with all Lumecon products, the LC-LG carries an industry leading 10 year/ L70 Performance Based Warranty.

          LWP-BH2 Canopy

          The LWP-BH2 Canopy is a direct one-for-one replacement for a 175W HID fixture. The unique architectural design allows for it to be wall, ceiling or conduit hung. The various mounting methods make this fixture ideal for parking garages, general area, and accent lighting applications.

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