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High Bay

/High Bay

Lumecon’s High Bay luminaire is designed for indoor applications where higher mounting applications
are necessary. By engineering our high bay fixtures for optimal distribution and thermal management,
they are able to provide safe and reliable lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

    LWS-Linear High Bay

    The LWS-LHB Linear High Bay fixture is the first of its kind in the Lumecon Workmen Series and delivers the illumination performance to replace conventional lighting systems, such as HID and fluorescent, one-for-one. The unique linear high bay design makes this a perfect energy saving solution for manufacturing, storage, warehousing and other indoor spaces with mounting heights from 10’ to 40’.

      LHB-Circular High Bay

      Lumecon’s unique high bay design makes this fixture an energy saving solution for indoor industrial and commercial applications (gymnasiums, warehouse / storage areas, and grocery stores). Our flagship high bay delivers the same trustworthy performance and warranty with an industry leading 10 year / L70 Performance Based Warranty.

      Check out the High Bay video