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    Parking Garage / Low Bay / Vapor Tight NFS

    Low bay fixtures are the perfect alternative for projects with lower mounting heights that are in need of maximum light distribution. By engineering the fixtures for low mounting applications, it allows them to be used in scenarios where safe pedestrian and vehicular traffic movement is a must. The low bay fixture is a reliable option for parking garage, warehouse and general area lighting applications.


        Wall Packs

        Wall pack fixtures are the ideal lighting solution for general security applications where mounting options are limited. Our wall packs are available in various outputs and housing types to properly illuminate entrances and general security lighting projects.


          Flood lighting offers reliable lighting solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether the project calls for illuminating an entrance sign, flag pole, building facade, or general landscaping, our flood lineup is able to provide the proper solution for nearly every situation.

            Area / Street

            Area fixtures help distribute light to provide general safety and security for projects such as parking lots. Our area light provides a combination of energy efficiency and performance to comply with current parking lot regulations, making it a reliable option in parking lot/ general area lighting applications.


              Canopy lighting helps to illuminate areas directly beneath the fixture to provide for safe pedestrian and vehicular traffic movement. Our canopy lineup is offered in various wattage outputs to cater to project specific requirements, illuminating jobs ranging from stairwells to multi-level garages.


                Decorative lighting installations serve both as an aesthetic experience as well as a functional necessity. By offering a magnitude of decorative options, the fixtures are able to be customized to give aesthetically pleasing appearances with energy efficient performance.

                  High Bay

                  Lumecon’s High Bay luminaire is designed for indoor applications where higher mounting applications are necessary. By engineering our high bay fixtures for optimal distribution and thermal management, they are able to provide safe and reliable lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

                    Retrofit Solutions

                    At Lumecon, we recognize that not every project is a one size fits all scenario, which is why we offer retrofitting services. Our dedicated retrofit team is able to design and build custom LED lighting solutions for your project regardless of the size. Every retrofit job that enters our Lumecon research and development department receives the same attention to detail to ensure proper thermal management and illumination for a successful project. As with every product that carries the Lumecon name, it carries our standard 10 year L70 All-Parts warranty.


                      Lumecon’s poles are packaged and shipped in a responsible manner to ensure that they arrive on the job site safely without damage. Providing both aluminum and steel options allows the flexibility to meet any project requirement.