Product Description

We make it easy to customized your own lighting project. The L-RETRO-DG LED Decorative Globe kit offers service professionals an economic, easy to install solution to safely upgrade HID luminaires to LED or build a new Decorative Array with globe, fitter and finial options.

We make your custom Decorative Globe lighting project personal!

1. Select an Engine: Available in three output versions, the L-RETRO-DG Retrofit Kit proves to be the perfect LED conversion or new solution for your next Decorative Globe project.
2. Select a Globe: Choose between two-piece injected molded prismatic globes or one-piece textured blow molded acrylic and polycarbonate globes.
3. Select a Fitter:  The Aluminum Fitter bases finish the globe with elegance. High grade cast aluminum fitters are powdered-coated in a gloss black for durability. Custom colors are always an option. Choose between 8” or 9” necks for either 3” or 4” poles.
4. Select a Finial: Add a distinctive accent to your globe with a unique finial. Produced from sand-cast aluminum, our finials are powder-coated gloss for durability. Custom colors are available.

Globe Spec Sheet Info here