Product Description

The LWS-LHB2 linear High Bay fixture is the first of its kind in the Lumecon Workmen Series and delivers the illumination performance to replace conventional lighting systems, such as HID and fluorescent, one-for-one. The unique linear high bay design makes this a perfect energy-saving solution for manufacturing, storage, warehousing, and other indoor spaces with mounting heights from 10’ to 40’.

LWS-LHB-60-X-NW – 60W, 9,454 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-60-D-NW – 60W, 8,963 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-60-X-CW – 60W, 9,999 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-60-D-CW – 60W, 9,460 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-80-X-NW – 70W, 11,831 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-80-D-NW – 70W, 11,172 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-80-X-CW – 70W, 12,496 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-80-D-CW – 70W, 11,792 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-100-X-NW – 100W, 14,456 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-100-D-NW – 100W, 13,777 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-100-X-CW – 100W, 15,371 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-100-D-CW – 100W, 14,543 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-120-X-NW – 120W, 17,520 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-120-D-NW – 120W, 16,576 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-120-X-CW – 121W, 18,493 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-120-D-CW – 120W, 17,496 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-150-X-NW – 150W, 21,457 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-150-D-NW – 148W, 20,300 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-150-X-CW – 151W, 22,648 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-150-D-CW – 149W, 21,427 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-190-X-NW – 187W, 27,309 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-190-D-NW – 187W, 25,428 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-190-X-CW – 187W, 28,825 Delivered Lumens
LWS-LHB-190-D-CW – 187W, 27,240 Delivered Lumens

• Available in 120-277V
• Optional opaque diffused acrylic lens available for glare reduction
• Multiple installation mounting options
•  0-10V dimming leads standard
•  UL Listed and certified to US and Canadian safety standards
• US Manufactured and Assembled
• Industry-leading 10 year L70 performance-based warranty

INPUT VOLTAGE: 120-277V or 347-480V
OPTICS: No lens or Opaque diffused acrylic available for glare reduction.
MOUNTING: Multiple Installation methods available including suspension by chain, V-hooks, Pendent, Quick hang Brackets, Surface Mount, Toggle and Cable and Hook.
DIMMING: 0-10V dimming leads standard
LISTINGS: UL Listed and certified to US and Canadian safety standards.
MANUFACTURING ORIGIN: US Manufactured and Assembled.
COLOR RENDERING INDEX (CRI): Minimum of 80 or higher.