Product Description

Ubicquia® Wireless Controls can turn any Lumecon fixture into a smart city hub to control lights, densify WIFI and provide data back haul. Ubicquia Ubicell Wireless Node allows for advanced light control via Ubivu Control Platform. All nodes are self-provisioning on power-up and are global Carrier LTE compatible with no Gateways or Concentrators required. Single SKU 120v to 480v operation, 22 Satellite Global GPS and Celestial Clock, Simultaneous Metering for Line and Load, High Accuracy Tilt and Vibration sensor, 10 second Last Gasp and Nonvolatile Memory, OTA Updates and a 10 year warranty.


• Photocell replacement that provides advanced light control, utility metering, tilt/vibration sensing, connections to Smart City sensors, public WiFi and location based services.