The story of Lumecon’s Detroit Series is heavily influenced by the cars and trucks Detroit has been producing for the past 100 years. The sleek lines of the design are reminiscent of the muscle cars and pick-ups giving the look a Motor City feel. The LDS offers a bold Detroit inspired design that performs efficiently and reliably against a rugged outdoor environment.

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Founded in 2006, Lumecon is a proud manufacturer of high quality LED lighting that’s affordable, creative, and built to last. We continually support our local communities by sourcing from the brightest suppliers and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. These relationships allow us to innovate LED technology, grow our people, and provide world-class service which exceeds the expectations of our customers.


All Lumecon Products Carry an Industry-Leading 10 Year L70 All Parts Warranty
and a 40kV Extreme Surge Suppressor.