Lumecon LED: Purpose-Built Solutions, Hand-Built with Pride in the USA.

Lumecon LLC, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, established in 2006, has grown to become a US manufacturer of our own LED products. These products include wall packs, floodlights, canopies, and post-top ornamental LED products, all of which feature the Lumecon ETD™ (Enhanced Thermal Dissipation) System. Lumecon takes great pride in sourcing and manufacturing over 80% of our product content right here in Michigan and several other locations all within the United States.

Lumecon’s ETD™ System Engines are thermally bonded to provide maximum thermal dissipation to the fixture exterior to ensure long life. The LED light engine panel’s entire face requires a uniform coat with a UV stabilized acrylic polymer resin meeting MIL and ASTM dielectric standards and UL and IPC standards for flammability, moisture resistance, and thermal shock. The acrylic polymer protects the light engine panel from moisture and corrosion. Lumecon technology boasts the most thermally-efficient LED light engine design in the LED lighting industry. Lumecon has successfully implemented LED lighting solutions in over 1000 major municipalities within the United States and Canada. It has established itself as a leader in providing energy-efficient and economical LED lighting solutions for municipal and commercial exterior applications. Whether a project involves a standard LED product or a customized retrofit design, Lumecon continually strives to offer unmatched customer service and attention to detail to ensure proper lighting with an excellent investment return.

Our Mission

Founded in 2006, Lumecon is a proud manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting that’s affordable, creative, and built to last, while adhering to both BAA (Buy American Act) and BABA (Buy American, Build American) compliance standards. We continually support our local communities by sourcing from the brightest suppliers and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. These relationships allow us to innovate LED technology, grow our people, and provide world-class service that exceeds our customers’ expectations

Lumecon Warranty

All products carry a 10 year warranty to 70% lumen maintenance, setting an industry-leading standard for LED performance-driven warranties for any exterior lighting application. All Lumecon products are engineered to depreciate no more than 30% in light output for 10 years, with little or no maintenance. Specific product test date available upon request.

Michigan-Made Technology

Michigan-made LED technology is at the heart of every product that carries the Lumecon name. With a manufacturing facility located in Farmington Hills, MI, Lumecon is able to develop, build, test and fulfill LED product orders from its headquarters. Given the unique proximity in the Midwest, Lumecon has been able to cultivate strong relationships with its vendors to ensure quick lead times and strong customer support to its customers.

Photometric Services

Lumecon’s free lighting layout service helps design and build your lighting projects and bring them to life. Adhering to recommended practices for lighting, we can help meet proper illumination levels by using the state of the art AGi32 lighting software. Each request is given its respected attention to warrant a successful project – No Cost, No Commitment.

Retrofit Services

At Lumecon, we recognize a one size fits all solution doesn’t apply to every lighting project. This is why we developed a dedicated retrofit team to design and build custom LED lighting solutions. Every retrofit job that enters our facility receives the same attention to detail to warrant our industry-leading 10-Year L70 All Parts Warranty.

Extreme Surge Protection

Lumecon’s 40kV Extreme Rated Surge Protection can handle up to 15 times the number of surge events compared to other conventional, single-strike 20kV surge technologies. Lumecon’s LED platform includes a thermally protected 40kV varistor type surge suppressor and meets ANSI C136.2-2015: Extreme Level. Download the Surge Protection Flyer.

OEM Engineering Services

Lumecon’s OEM Engineering Services will design and manufacture the LED light engine for your luminaire. With your fixture and specifications for lumen output, wattage, optical distribution, and color temperature, our team of engineers and designers will develop a custom solution to meet your requirements.  Download the OEM Engineering Services Flyer.