Lumecon will design and manufacture
the LED light engine for your luminaire.


OEM Engineering Services

All manufacturing of prototype and production kits occur at our facility in Farmington Hills, MI, and comes with Lumecon’s 10-year performance warranty. Not sure how to navigate UL safety certification, LM-79 testing, DLC listing, or IDA certifications? We can handle all third-party testing and certification submittals on your behalf.

The OEM Process

With your fixture and specifications for lumen output, wattage, optical distribution, and color temperature, our team of engineers and designers will develop a custom solution to meet your requirements.

  • We use our proprietary LED boards and optics in our designs, so there are no expensive tooling costs involved, but we can also tool custom solutions if required.
  • All designs are prototyped and thoroughly tested to validate the performance meets or exceeds our engineering standards and your expectations.
  • We provide you with the working prototype, detailed assembly illustrations, and field installation instructions if needed.
To ensure every fixture meets our standards, each fixture comes with:

  • American Made Certification
  • 10 Year Performance Warranty to L70, including driver
  • 40kV Surge Suppression MOV (room permitting)
  • Type V, IV, III, II Light Patterns available
  • 2200K, 2700K, 3000K,4000K and 5000K Temperatures
  • 80 CRI Standard 90 CRI available
  • Volume-based pricing (yearly blankets are accepted)