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Each fixture is built specifically right here in the USA with rugged ingenuity
to withstand the rigors of everyday indoor/outdoor lighting.

Flood Light Series

Out with the old clunky round backs, upgrade to the new modern and contemporary broad beam flood lights. While complimenting landscape during the day, the Workmen Series flood lights provide uplighting and security for signs, building facades, ports, flag poles and manufacturing plants.

LWS-SFL Small Flood Light LWS-LFL Large Flood Light

Wall Pack Series

The sleek and contemporary wall pack design enhances building architecture while providing energy savings and extra security. Replace the shoe box wall pack for a modern design perfect for building facades, general security, storage areas, and entry door applications.

LWS-SFC Small Full Cut-Off Wall Pack LWS-MFC Medium Full Cut-Off Wall Pack LWS-BH2 Bulkhead

High Bay Series

With three different High Bay options available for applications like warehouses, food processing plants, live stock bays, commercial kitchens, and car washes. The High Bay series offers optional mounting heights, low glare, wet/damp applications, and locations where wider spacing is necessary.

LWS-VTW4 Vapor Tight 4' Wide LWS-LHB Linear High Bay 2

Low Bay Series

The Workmen Series Low Bay / Parking Garage has a low profile round canopy design perfect for indoor and outdoor applications like storage areas, parking garages, entrance ways, halls and tunnels. Optional motion sensor and photocell sensor for maximum energy savings and added security.

LWS-PG Parking Garage LWS-CAN Canopy LWS-RCS Canopy


  • Easy Installation
  • Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Energy-Efficient LEDs
  • Wet location Listed uL/cuL
  • DLC® Listed
  • IP65 and IP67 Rated
  • NSF
  • Meets Buy American Act
  • Indoor / Outdoor Applications
  • 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K Color Temperatures
  • Custom Color Options
  • Optional Mounting Methods
  • Lumecon ETD™ Thermal Management System
  • 10 Year L-70 Performance-Based Warranty
  • 40kV Extreme Surge Protection