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Lumecon’s Midtown Decorative line-up is made-to-order to fit our customer's needs. We offer multiple options suitable for main streets, downtowns, parks and campuses. Available in tiered wattage versions, distribution types, and a variety of globe styles. Complete your entire lighting project with our line-up of Decorative Poles, and Bases


Lumecon’s Midtown Decorative Series stands out as the ideal choice for those seeking premium quality and customizable decorative outdoor lighting solutions.

From Top to Bottom

  • Over 20 Decorative Globes
  • Multiple combinations of Roofs and Cages
  • Variety of Fitters and Finials
  • Large selction of Decorative Poles and Bases

Inside and Out

  • Powered by Lumecon’s ETD™ System
  • Custom LEDS and Optics for Responsible Lighting
  • Durable Materials and Finishes
  • Options and Accessories like 7-Pin Receptical