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At Lumecon, we recognize a one size fits all solution doesn’t apply for every lighting project. This is why we developed a dedicated retrofit team to design and build custom LED lighting solutions. Every retrofit job that enters our facility receives the same attention to detail to warrant our industry leading 10-Year L70 All Parts Warranty.


Decorative Globe Retrofit

The L-RETRO-DG LED Decorative Globe kit is our most popular and economic way to upgrade existing HID luminaries to LED.

Teardrop Retrofit

The L-RETRO-T LED Teardrop Kit is available in three output versions, and proves to be the perfect LED conversion solution for your next teardrop project.

Carriage Retrofit

The L-RETRO-C LED Carriage Kit is the perfect solution to upgrade existing carriage post-tops. Keep the classic look while saving energy and investment.

Custom Kits

The Lumecon Retrofit process includes completely drawing the entire fixture in CAD and developing a custom kit with the advantage of reusing existing boss heads for attachment and heat sinking.


Retrofit Kits are intended to upgrade current fixtures to Lumecon’s LED technology.
Installation is designed to be simple and efficient using existing hardware,
requiring zero on-site drilling or fabrication.

  • Energy Efficiency and Savings
  • Reduced Operating and Maintenance Cost
  • Saves Original Lighting Fixture Investment
  • Rebates and Incentives
  • Improved Security
  • Less Light Pollution

With a portfolio full of successful retrofit solutions, we continuously aim to provide a high level of expertise to create engineered lighting solutions that last.