Lumecon LED’s Midtown Tear Drop is a classically designed decorative tear-drop fixture. The LMTD combines a traditional, elegant form factor with a best-in-class, 100,000-hour LED luminaire lifetime rating. The LMTD is purpose-built, boasting exceptional efficacy, custom optics control, unmatched uniformity, and light spread.


IDA recommends color temperatures of no more than 3000 Kelvins. Designing responsible outdoor lighting includes choosing the right color temperature LEDs, minimizing glare, reducing light trespass, and diminishing night sky pollution.


Complete Your Project with Decorative Arms, Poles and Bases

  • 18 Side Mount Arms to choose from
  • Round Aluminum Poles available in Straight, Tapered and Fluted
  • Over 50 Decorative Bases in varying sizes and styles
  • Custom Colors including Classic Forest Green